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(+48) 071 340 00 21

ul. Mickiewicza 91, 51-685 Wrocław

Czynne: Pn-Pt od 8:00 do 16:00

We have a team of experienced coordinators who obtained GCP certificates and have conducted dozens of clinical trials. We encourage investigators to conduct research in our Centre. We may also coordinate clinical studies which take place in your Centres. Thanks to efficient coordinators doctors are able to save 70% of their time and focus exclusively on the medical aspects of the project.

We offer:

  • cooperation with sponsors from the feasibility stage to the close out stage,
  • preparation of all the forms for the medical team which document all the actions required by the protocol,
  • coordination of the work of a research team, supervision of patient appointments,
  • completion of CRF, resolving queries,
  • attendance at monitoring visits, audits and inspections
  • on-going supervision of the distribution of investigational drug,
  • support in record keeping of adverse events,
  • support in recruitment processes and ensuring patients’ participation in the trial.

We encourage all investigators to work with us

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