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(+48) 071 340 00 21

ul. Mickiewicza 91, 51-685 Wrocław

Czynne: Pn-Pt od 8:00 do 16:00

The WroMedica Health Centre was founded in 2012 by doctors who have long experience of patient care and in the field of clinical research. WroMedica healthcare institution is an advanced medical facility which comprises a number of private specialist clinics and a comprehensive outpatient research centre.

We provide high-quality health services thanks to a team of medical specialists, accomplished researchers in their fields, a team of qualified nurses and coordinators, and thanks to suitable diagnostic equipment. WroMedica meets all the requirements imposed on contemporary healthcare institutions, including the architectural and ergonomics requirements set by European Union for this type of facilities, and the carefully arranged interior offers a high degree of comfort to both patients and the staff. The Centre is also adapted to the needs of the disabled.

The buildings which currently seat the WroMedica Health Centre served as a seat for Sparta, a successful motorcycle speedway club. We remember the people who worked here and influenced the history of our city.

WroMedica is a place with friendly atmosphere, where patients are glad to come.

We invite you to visit our Centre!

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